1) Only the company or its authorized service agents/Dealers shall attend the service / repair of appliance and will repair/replace all parts in case of faulty material or defective workmanship.

2) The appliance shall have to brought to and collected from the company or its authorised service centre by the customer. There shall be no undertaking of service at the Customer’s door step.

3) The Warranty extended here is in lieu of all implied conditions and warranties under the law and confined to the repair of replacement of defective parts and does not cover any consequential or resulting liability, damage or loss.

(The Warranty is no case, shall extend to payment of any monetary consideration whatsoever or the replacement or return of the appliances as a whole)

4) Defect arising out of commercial use, improper transportation, alteration, neglect, misuse, substitution of original components, accident, fire or other such acts are not covered by this warranty