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Comfort and simplification of life at home are the main advantages of home automation. This is for example the automatic closing of all the shutters in the evening and their opening in the morning, the coffee maker which activates automatically. In addition to this concept of comfort, home automation also makes it possible to reinforce the security of your home, in particular by activating alarms when the occupants leave or by consulting the images of video surveillance via a smartphone. Finally, the optimal management of energy consumption, via home automation, allows for significant savings. This involves programming household appliances during off-peak hours, optimized lighting, heating and air conditioning control.For more comfort, more security and less expense, let yourself be tempted by home automation!

At the service of the home and its occupants, home automation provides security, comfort, or energy and consumption management functions. Thus, electronics combined with automation techniques make it possible to detect and record events, and also to automate tasks by scheduling them. For example, they can be centralized and remote control solutions for shutters, heating, doors and gates, lighting, household appliances, remote monitoring systems, or even alarms.

A home automation system is made up of three elements: a "home automation box" that processes and controls actions, sensors that collect information, and shareholders responsible for physically acting on the various organs of the house. Note that this set can be connected either by wire or by all wireless control means (Bluetooth, radio waves, etc)

The revolution in IoT has brought a sea change in the sphere of home automation. More and more people are discovering the benefits a smart home provides. It not only improves convenience and lifestyle but is also an affordable aspiration for many nowadays owing to continuous innovation and product improvement.More so, we continuously strive towards making home automation simple, affordable and easy for every home dweller even if he is a layman. So, if you are on the lookout for an expert, then we are the ultimate home automation company based in Pune that offers impeccable service and unique expertise. When you choose us, you can be confident that you are choosing the best in the industry.